Accelerate Your Orthodontic Treatment with Propel

At Bull Mountain Orthodontics, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the best orthodontic treatment options. That’s why we proudly offer the Propel Excellerator™ Series technology, a cutting-edge solution that enhances your orthodontic journey. These advanced orthodontic devices complement your braces or aligners, speeding up the treatment process.

Efficient and Convenient Treatment

The Excellerator™ Series drivers are chairside devices that are incredibly user-friendly. During your regular orthodontic appointment, Dr. Willcox can complete your Propel treatment in just a few minutes, allowing you to return to your daily activities without delay.

Discover the Benefits

If you want to expedite your orthodontic treatment and achieve your dream smile faster, don’t hesitate to inquire about the Excellerator™ Series. We offer complimentary consultations to determine if Propel treatment is right for you. Get on the fast track to a beautiful smile today!

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