Common Treatments

Crowding of the Teeth

crowding of the teeth beforeBefore Braces
After Braces

This issue involves teeth that are too close together, leading to difficulty in cleaning, potentially causing dental health problems. Orthodontic treatment can effectively realign the teeth, enhancing both function and appearance.

Open Bite

open bite beforeBefore Braces
open bite afterAfter Braces

An open bite is when the front teeth do not touch, often caused by prolonged thumb-sucking in children. Treatment typically involves braces and appliances to retrain the tongue, resolving the bite issue and improving the ability to bite and chew properly.

Deep Overbite

deep overbite beforeBefore Braces
deep overbite afterAfter Braces

This condition occurs when the lower front teeth bite into the palate. It's more effectively treated at a younger age. In adults, treatment may involve braces and possibly jaw surgery to correct the bite and prevent long-term dental issues.

Missing Lateral Incisors:

missing lateral incisors beforeBefore Braces
missing lateral incisors afterAfter Braces

Congenitally missing lateral incisors can leave noticeable gaps. Orthodontic treatment involves moving adjacent teeth into correct positions, followed by replacing missing teeth with prosthetics like bridges.


underbite beforeBefore Braces
underbite-afterAfter Braces

Characterized by lower front teeth positioned in front of upper teeth, an underbite can cause jaw discomfort and uneven wear on teeth. Treatment often includes braces and may take several months, greatly improving jaw alignment and function.

Spacing of Teeth

spacing of teeth beforeBefore Braces
spacing of teeth afterAfter Braces

Spaces between teeth can be aesthetically displeasing and affect the bite. Braces can close these spaces effectively, improving the bite and overall appearance. Retainers may be used post-treatment to maintain results.

Overjet (Protruding Front Teeth)

overjet beforeBefore Braces
overjet afterAfter Braces

This involves top teeth extending beyond the bottom teeth. Treatment can be a multi-phase process, including jaw growth modulation in children and alignment of teeth and bite in later stages.

Non-Braces Treatment

non braces treatment beforeBefore Braces
non braces treatment afterAfter Braces

Some alignment issues, especially in children, may be addressed without braces. For instance, minor crowding can sometimes be resolved with selective dental procedures, allowing natural alignment as the child grows.

Phase-One Treatment

phase 1 beforeBefore Braces
phase 1 afterAfter Braces

Early intervention (around age eight) can address significant issues like severe crowding or displaced teeth. Treatment may involve expanders and partial braces, significantly improving appearance and dental function at an early developmental stage.

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