Integrating Technology

Your personal care team at Bull Mountain Orthodontics is constantly integrating the most recent and proven technologies to allow you to Discover Your Smile as efficiently and comfortably as possible!

Digital X-Rays, Photographs, and Models

With high-tech digital records, your team at Bull Mountain Orthodontics has reduced the radiation, time, and environmental impact of your orthodontic care.

Best of all, these high-resolution digital records provide instant results that you can see. By utilizing environmentally friendly, high-quality, low-dose, instant digital records, we can clearly communicate with you and your dentist. This enables us to customize your orthodontic care and provide you with the best, efficient, and most comfortable results possible.


More than one million adults and teenagers have transformed their smiles with Invisalign — the clear, comfortable, convenient, and removable way to Discover Your Smile! As your certified Invisalign and Invisalign Teen® provider, we can put you on your way to a more confident smile without anyone even knowing! Learn more.

Damon™ Smile

The latest high technology Damon System used by Bull Mountain Orthodontics enables comfortable, efficient tooth movement to minimize your time in braces, maximize your comfort, and allow you to discover the fantastic smile you are looking for! Learn more.

Sesame 24-7™

Our 24-hour online service provides you with secure access to your digital records, appointment history, financial information, and frequently asked questions. You can also access statements for your flex spending accounts, make payments, and share your digital records (even your Invisalign treatment videos) with friends and family, all at a time that is convenient to you!

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