Digital X-Rays, Photographs, and Models

Using the Latest Technology to Improve your Care  

With high-tech digital records and services, your team at Bull Mountain Orthodontics has reduced radiation, treatment time, and the environmental impact of your orthodontic care as well as increasing your comfort!  

Best of all, these high-resolution digital records provide instant results that you can see. By utilizing environmentally friendly, high-quality, low-dose, instant digital records, we can clearly communicate with you and your dentist. This enables us to customize your orthodontic care and provide you with the best, most efficient, and most comfortable results possible. Learn more about the latest technology we are using.

Rewarding you with more than a smile!

Taking excellent care of your braces, teeth, and gums while you are in orthodontic treatment is essential during the braces process. To reward great efforts by each patient, we offer Bull Mountain Reward Tokens that can be redeemed for cute prizes after each visit or saved up for cash-value gift cards at stores such as Target and iTunes, as well as local restaurants, theaters, and spas!

Community Involvement

The Bull Mountain Orthodontics Team enjoys helping our community through fun runs, food drives, and other community events throughout the year.

Dental Care For All

(and we do mean ALL)

Together, Dr. Bryce and his wife, veterinarian, Dr. Sarah Willcox, volunteer to benefit animals and have made several trips to Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR, to help provide dental care to lions, tigers, and bears —

Oh My!
Dr. Bryce Willcox Volunteering Dr. Bryce Willcox Volunteering Dr. Bryce Willcox Volunteering